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Bridget Carmady

Bridget Carmady – Founder, Clémence Organics

Bridget is a university educated Naturopath (BNat, BHsc Hons) who began her career in complementary medicine research at the National Institute of Complementary Medicine (Western Sydney University). Here she contributed to the research, development and conducting of clinical trials, and has 8 journal publications to her name. She also began writing for various health magazines on topics related to naturopathy and skincare.

In 2011 Bridget branched out into private practice in the Blue Mountains where she began to attract clients who had skin concerns. She developed protocols for addressing a wide variety of skin concerns (see Skin Protocols). However, she felt her clients were faced with a lack of skincare products that were gentle and made from organic ingredients but still able to deliver powerful results (as well as being super luxurious). So based on traditional herbs and the latest research she decided to develop her own. After years of perfecting her formulations, Clémence Organics was born.

Bridget lives in the NSW Blue Mountains with her family and dog Rudi.

More about the origin of Clémence Organics...

"As a degree qualified naturopath, I have always been passionate about natural but effective ways to help people improve their health. I started my career in complementary medicine research, before running a naturopathic clinic, where I used nutrition, supplements, herbal medicine and lifestyle changes to remedy people’s health issues.

In my clinic, I started noticing that many of my clients had skincare concerns. For some it was ageing skin, for others, sensitivity, acne, eczema or rosacea. I too had skin challenges, having experienced acne in my teens, scarring in my twenties and signs of ageing in my thirties. However, my clients and I were faced with a lack of skincare products on the market that were gentle and made from natural, organic ingredients but still able to deliver powerful results and the luxurious experience of conventional high-end skincare. So, I decided to develop my own, and Clémence Organics was born.

I started off experimenting with blends, and noticed a real change in my skin. As word of mouth grew, clients came to me requesting individualised skincare formulations. A trip to southern France in 2015 cemented my resolve. I visited several well-known natural skincare companies, and realised that I offered something unique for those with an appreciation for luxury, authentic organic skincare, that truly alleviated their skincare concerns.

The product of over a decade of knowledge and experience, Clémence Organics isn’t about marketing hype or ingredients that claim to improve your skin but instead bombard it with harmful chemicals. It’s about using naturopathic principles to create nourishing, non-toxic skincare, plus a commitment to the planet’s health, through recyclable packaging and ingredients which are not harmful to the environment.

On a personal note, I lost both my father and sister to cancer in the period of 2009 – 2016. Their stories fortified in me a passion for nurturing health and reducing cancer risk wherever possible. The role that skincare plays in health may seem small and insignificant for some, but when the body absorbs around 80% of what we put on it, I don’t feel we can take it too lightly. I know for me, having full confidence in what I put on my skin (and therefore in my body) makes me feel that I have at least taken control of that aspect of my health.

I believe you should expect more from what you put on your skin, and that it’s time to evolve to healthy, yet powerfully effective skincare.

If beauty is important to you, if your health is important to you, if the environment is important to you, then Clémence Organics is for you. I can’t wait for you to try it."

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